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Our core electronic offering is platform agnostic and can provide connectivity to any platform accepting FIX API specifications. FIX Protocol is an electronic communication interface used for the exchange of financial information.

For our algorithmic trading clientele with the need for ultra-low latency, we recommend these clients to co-locate their trading servers in Equinix NY4 for the best possible trading experience.

We pride ourselves on the fact that we regularly review our execution technology to provide a superior experience for our clientele. We look at non-standard order types and methodologies to provide clients with substantially better fill rates on trading strategies.

Reasons to start using FIX API

  • Lower latency
  • Increased range of order types
  • Limitations of generic platforms
  • Improved fill rates

FIX API Requirements:

  • Monthly volume based fee
  • Commission starts from $20 per million
  • 100 million trading volume
  • Minimum account balance 25k USD equivalent

To trade using FIX API please contact Rubix FX on  +61 (2) 9099 4288  or info@rubixfx.com.