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Multi Account Manager (MAM)

For traders who want to trade across multiple accounts from the one trade terminal

MAM is an integrated software tool that allows a single trader to execute block trades on all accounts operating under a master account. Our MAM software enables you to place large orders in bulk, with speed, to an unlimited number of accounts.

We have invested heavily in our MT4 servers to ensure our MAM solution provides the fastest and most reliable services. Account managers need to service their clients, including all the features of a standard account such as the use of EAs and etc.

Rubix FX’s Multi Account Manager solution offers convenience, increased automation and broadened functionality. It is only available to approved and regulated operators of discretionary accounts or managed investment schemes.

Benefits of MAM

  • Trade block orders from a single master MT4 account
  • Trade sizes from 0.01
  • 6 allocation methods:
    • Lot Allocation
    • Percent Allocation
    • Proportional By Balance
    • Proportional By Equity
    • Equity Percent Allocation
    • Allocation by Equal Risk
  • All normal order types accepted: Market, Stop, Limit
  • All unique order types accepted: Trailing Stop, Close, Close All
  • Fast and reliable MT4 servers

Register your interest with us through phone +61 (2) 9099 4288  or email support@rubixfx.com