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Rubix FX VPS Offering

Fast VPS hosting for Forex traders

For ultra low latency trading and excellent trade execution, we recommend that you host your trading platform close to our server and banks’ pricing engines. With this in mind, we have partnered with Beeks FX. Beeks FX hosts Virtual Private Servers, cross-connected into Rubix FX servers at NY4 Equinix, for the ideal trading experience.

What is a VPS ?

Forex VPS (Virtual Private Server) is a service that helps you deploy automated algorithmic strategies, including experts advisers on a dedicated virtual server that will be running 24/7 without interruptions, independent from your own computer and without any efforts from your side. Be confident in the knowledge that you are constantly connected to the foreign exchange market through a Forex VPS.

VPS Connect

To receive a monthly discount or potentially receive the VPS monthly charge waived, you need to open a Rubix FX MT4 account and apply for the VPS here

Rubix FX discounted Beeks FX VPS charges are:
Bronze VPS – $29 USD per month
Silver VPS – $56 USD per month
Gold VPS – $98 USD per month

To receive the VPS per month fee waived your MT4 account trading volume needs to be greater than:

Bronze VPS – 20 lots* per month (Free)
Silver VPS – 40 lots* per month (Free)
Gold VPS – 50 lots* per month (Free)

* Lots traded are FX or XAUUSD Lots. Trading lots on other trading instruments are excluded from the minimum requirement.  (i.e. Index CFD’s, XAGUSD, Spot Oil).

VPS discounts are reviewed on a monthly basis. Clients trading less than the fee-waived volume amount in that given month will incur the monthly fee. VPS charge being directly debited from their nominated MT4 account. Clients trading greater than the fee-waived volume amount will have the Beeks VPS charge waived for that given month.