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Myfxbook 自动交易系统

Rubix FX很高兴能够帮助我们的客户访问由Myfxbook提供技术支持的AutoTrade系统,也叫做下一代镜像自动交易系统。AutoTrade可以帮助您直接复制到您的Rubix FX交易账户中 (跟单系统)。

为什么Myfxbook 自动交易系统复制交易的理想工具?

  • 只显示通过严格筛选流程检验盈利的系统,您再也不用在数以千计的系统里挑选盈利者。
  • 只显示真实交易账户-模拟账户交易者不可以提供交易信号,因此您可以放心使用。
  • 没有任何隐藏的费用, 所有的费用都是透明的。
  • 可提供精准统计数据,帮助您分析提高交易表现。
  • 允许您随时添加和移除任何系统,提供对账户的完全控制。


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现有Rubix FX客户

  1. 如果您已经是Rubix FX现有的客户,请发邮件到客户支持support@panthur.rubixfx.com 提供你的账号并注明申请放到Myfxbook自动交易组。
  2. 访问 Myfxbook 网站, 并将您的Rubix FX交易账户链接到Myfxbook AutoTrade。

免责声明:The Myfxbook AutoTrade system is owned and operated by Myfxbook and its use is subject to the Terms and Conditions specified on the Myfxbook website. Rubix FX is not responsible for, and has no control over, the signals generated through the use of Myfxbook AutoTrade and the resulting trades on Rubix FX client accounts.  Rubix FX advises that Historical Performance is no indication of future returns.  Rubix FX makes no representations that any of the information or material supplied by Myfxbook is accurate, current or complete, and it should not be relied upon as such. Rubix FX has reproduced this information without regard to any individual’s investment objectives, financial situation or financial means. Signals generated and material provided by Myfxbook AutoTrade on Rubix FX client accounts do not constitute factual, general or personal advice by Rubix FX. Nothing on this page constitutes a recommendation or an offer to buy or sell any security, financial product or instrument, or to participate in any particular trading strategy. Rubix FX accepts no responsibility for the performance of Myfxbook AutoTrade application.